Since 1989

Casting director Rieko Kuze has worked as the casting assistant to cast Japanese actors for the Steven Spielberg movie Empire of the Sun. Also, she has cast non-Japanese actors and interpreted for Japanese movies such as The Burmese Harp (directed by Kon Ichikawa, 1985) and Hyoryu Kyoshitsu(directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi, 1987)

In 1989, Rieko founded Kuze Casting which set a new start for her. Since then, she has been active in TV commercial, print, show, promotional video, and voiceover castings. Kuze Casting is known for casting talent of diverse nationalities to meet the director’s and client’s needs.

Rieko has earned a reputation for being a reliable casting director especially when it comes to verifying the validity and status of visas of non-Japanese cast. She works closely with talent agencies to ensure that the casts meet the requirements to work in Japan.

Our team serves as a facilitator—preparing audition cards, explaining story boards, and giving acting advice—all done in English and Japanese, which makes it easier for the casts to understand the demands. At the same time, our clients are always happy with the work and performance of the cast.

Kuze Casting will draw out the full potential of the actors to fit our client’s artistic vision.

Our Team

・Rieko Kuze (Casting director)
・Satomi Yoshikawa (Casting associate)
・Jina Horikawa (English-Japanese bilingual translator and narrator, also fluent in French)


Kuze Casting